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Agency «Kristina» looking for partners!

Do you have customers who want to "cottage" on the sea?
Are you interested in the market of Montenegro, but you do not know with whom to collaborate?

We will help to solve these problems, we help your customers find and buy real estate in Montenegro, and advise you and your clients on any matter relating to the acquisition of real estate, will talk about the nuances of life in Montenegro. We know about all the real estate in Montenegro, as have been successfully operating in this market segment since 2008. During this time we have gained the necessary experience, which allows us to carry out the best and safe transactions, find reliable partners and loyal customers, who often use our help and recommend us to their friends. The staff of our agency are ready at any time:

  • to advise you on all matters related to real estate in Montenegro;
  • pick up for you suitable properties in cities and resorts of the country;
  • prepare the documents necessary to rent or buy an apartment or villa;
  • perform an examination of the transaction.

We guarantee you complete privacy!

 Any questions? Ask them to us in any way convenient for you:

Phones: +38269715076 +38267354091

(please note the time difference)

Viber or WhatsApp: +38267354091,  skype: toke81

Email: admin@excellent-realty.com

P.S. Do not bother with the problems of finding real estate in Montenegro, just become our partner and make it OUR PROBLEM!


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