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Clubhouse "Mainsky castle." Remained 3 apartments!

Apartment house "Mainsky castle" in Budva, Montenegro

Remaining 3 apartments (out of 11): 75 sqm, 65 sqm, 55 sqm. Price reduced to 2300 per sq.m.

Table of apartment sizes

Clubhouse "Mainsky castle" was built in 2009 in the town of Budva. It is 700 meters from the sea, near the oak grove monastery "Podmayna."

The house includes:

- 11 apartments on 4 floors with a ceiling height of 3 meters, with luxury finishes Italian design, Spanish tiles, multi plastic windows with thermal bridges, metal doors.

- Electrical load on sale up to 10 kW

- Central water supply

- air conditioning

- The possibility of installing a fireplace

- Satellite TV

- Dedicated Internet Line

- Video surveillance

- Underground garage at 8 m / seats

- Recreation area in a fenced area

- Pool with the possibility for bathing children from 2 years 8h7.5 area m

- Playground

- The possibility of combining two apartments (cost an investor incurs)

The lounge area is a 100 year old pine tree with lush foliage and a place to put sunbeds by the pool.

Budva is on the Adriatic coast. Net coast and mild equable climate all year round. 28% of the country is the national parks and reserves, under the protection of UNESCO. Unique flora and fauna, clean sea and mountain air, delicious local cuisine and organic products create all conditions for comfortable living.

No language barrier. Russian - a second language in school. Montenegrin language, similar to the Old Church Slavonic. All inscriptions in Cyrillic or Latin. Friendly attitude of the locals to the Russian.

All kinds of water recreation, including extreme.

Budva is 25 km from the airport "Tivat" and 65 km from the airport "Podgorica". Flight time from Moscow 3:00.

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